Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I received a copy of the cover for Asher’s Mates, Mircea Clan Book 1!

Asher, a blind dire wolf, works for the Paranormal Leadership Society as a mediator. When he is sent on a rescue mission he discovers his mate, a fey named Kathej Innje. Unable to determine what is causing Kat’s pain, Asher uses his special ability to put the sweet man to sleep. Searching for answers, Asher takes the fey to Ian Mircea, an ancient and greatly feared vampire, only to discover the man is also their mate.

As they celebrate the news that Kat is with child, Asher is taken from them. Ian struggles to care for his pregnant mate while searching for his missing mate. As Ian searches for Asher, a web of secrets and lies is exposed that will shake the foundation of the paranormal community and these three are at the very center of it.  Will the three find the strength to survive the oncoming war?

I am working on edits and revisions still, due 11/17, so Siren has yet to make the coming soon page for the book since I haven't picked the excerpts to include. however, you can check out my other book here:

This book is part of a 4 book series and I am almost done writing book 4!

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