Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hello! So, I attempted to write a blog last year as I was writing my story, but I had no consistency to the posts. Now, my book is signed with a publisher and after reading the contract I needed to take the bit I did write down, as it contained pre published and un edited excerpts from the story. So, I now have a clean slate and will, hopefully, be more consistent with the blogging!

I am really excited to say my book has been picked up by a publisher! I never imagined when I first sat down to write it that someone would pick it up; I was just writing for myself. I plan to write a sequel to the book and now I am more motivated than ever to get that going. I also have a four book series I've been writing, I am on part four right now, so hopefully I can get that out as well. Exciting times are coming and I am really excited to see where this new adventure goes.