Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I submitted a new story to Siren tonight: Asher’s Mates, Mircea Family Book 1. There are 4 books total and 3.5 are written. On the bright side the three that are finished are completely edited and ready to go. 

Book 1 features: Asher is a dire wolf blinded by a cruel alpha. Ian Mircea is an ancient vampire who now lives in isolation after the disappearance of his fated mate. Lastly, Kat is the last fey of royal blood left on this plane who everyone thinks is dead. When the three collide the paranormal world will never be the same! 

Book 2 features a vampire and dream walker. 
Book 3 features a phoenix shifter and a jaguar shifter. 
Book 4 features a vampire, a fey turned vampire, and a fey.