Saturday, December 12, 2015

Today has been a great day! A few reviews are in for Asher’s Mates and I think people like it! Here is the series list:

Asher’s Mates, Mircea Clan 1 – Out now!

Trusting Rio, Mircea Clan 2 – In edits at Siren and set to print in February 2016

Bringing Carmen Back, Mircea Clan 3 – Working on final read through and will submit to Siren before the end of the  year.

Ned’s Gift, Mircea Clan 4 has about 20k words written and I am chugging away on it! This will be the final book of the series and will close out the overall story line.

I have loved writing this series. Many readers loved my Dragon’s Egg series (I have a few more to write there), but Asher’s Mates was the first book I ever wrote and holds a special place in my heart. I am really excited to see my readers enjoying it and I look forward to reviews (good and constructive).

Anyways, back to writing about Ned, Ant and their third (no spoilers!)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Mircea Clan

Available for pre-order now, and sale on December 10th. 


[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA] 
Asher, a blind dire wolf, works for the Paranormal Leadership Society as a mediator. When he is sent on a rescue mission he discovers his mate, a fey named Kathej Innje. Unable to determine what is causing Kat’s pain, Asher uses his special ability to put the sweet man to sleep. Searching for answers, Asher takes the fey to Ian Mircea, an ancient and greatly feared vampire, only to discover the man is also their mate.
As they celebrate the news that Kat is with child, Asher is taken from them. Ian struggles to care for his pregnant mate while searching for his missing mate. As Ian searches for Asher, a web of secrets and lies is exposed that will shake the foundation of the paranormal community, and these three are at the very center of it. Can they find the strength to survive the oncoming war?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance

Also, on  final note - Siren accepted Trusting Rio, Mircea Clan Book 2 - out sometime in February!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I received a copy of the cover for Asher’s Mates, Mircea Clan Book 1!

Asher, a blind dire wolf, works for the Paranormal Leadership Society as a mediator. When he is sent on a rescue mission he discovers his mate, a fey named Kathej Innje. Unable to determine what is causing Kat’s pain, Asher uses his special ability to put the sweet man to sleep. Searching for answers, Asher takes the fey to Ian Mircea, an ancient and greatly feared vampire, only to discover the man is also their mate.

As they celebrate the news that Kat is with child, Asher is taken from them. Ian struggles to care for his pregnant mate while searching for his missing mate. As Ian searches for Asher, a web of secrets and lies is exposed that will shake the foundation of the paranormal community and these three are at the very center of it.  Will the three find the strength to survive the oncoming war?

I am working on edits and revisions still, due 11/17, so Siren has yet to make the coming soon page for the book since I haven't picked the excerpts to include. however, you can check out my other book here:

This book is part of a 4 book series and I am almost done writing book 4!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Great news and other thoughts.

 Siren accepted the first book in my new series: Asher’s Mate’s, Mircea Clan Book 1. I signed the contract tonight and that is always a good feeling. I have books 2 and 3 written, but I am still working on 4 so I am trying to space them out a little to give myself time to get it finished. What’s standing in the way? Well I am two chapters away from being finished with Reverse Play, a standalone about a nerdy Accountant and a former jock. I am allowed to say nerdy accountant since I am a nerdy accountant in training! I work full time and I go to school full time and I write any time in between, so I am sorry for the delay in my schedule. Hopefully you like my books though.

This brings me to tonight’s dilemma. I think I am ready to bring the Accountant and the Jock to an end. I have it set up and had thought I knew how it would play out, however, today I see it in a different direction. At first I wanted the hero to beat the bad man, but maybe the “weaker” character needs to bring down his tormentor and come out stronger on the other side. I hate saying weaker because he is not so much weak as he is traumatized and comfortable in the place he has taken his life. Stepping out of his bubble to defeat the bad man will be a good way to go, I think. Ok, thanks for listening to me think via blog.. I am going to get this written! 

Also, I re-installed Photoshop.. so I had some fun:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I submitted a new story to Siren tonight: Asher’s Mates, Mircea Family Book 1. There are 4 books total and 3.5 are written. On the bright side the three that are finished are completely edited and ready to go. 

Book 1 features: Asher is a dire wolf blinded by a cruel alpha. Ian Mircea is an ancient vampire who now lives in isolation after the disappearance of his fated mate. Lastly, Kat is the last fey of royal blood left on this plane who everyone thinks is dead. When the three collide the paranormal world will never be the same! 

Book 2 features a vampire and dream walker. 
Book 3 features a phoenix shifter and a jaguar shifter. 
Book 4 features a vampire, a fey turned vampire, and a fey. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hello all. Sorry for a late update and for being so silent on the internet lately. Here is my moment of truth: I suffer from depression. I think having a mental illness is not a bad thing and should be something we can talk about openly. I have suffered a prolonged spell of depression over the last few weeks and I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I am under attack there is not much that can be done besides ride through it. My husband is very supportive about it and so it my family, which I am very thankful for. It makes it hard for me to get out of bed, hard to eat, think, and sleep. It makes it hard for me to remember there is a reason I am on the planet, a reason that I am worthwhile and good. I just have to keep repeating to myself:

I know I am good. I know I am worthwhile. I am loved.

So, that is that. I am going to make a better attempt at being present and try to blog more.

I want to thank everyone who purchased and read book 3 of my series: Lost, Dragon’s Egg 3. I have gotten a few reviews and they always make me excited to read- even the criticizing ones.

Here is the link to the book if you want to check it out: 

Lastly, I am really excited because I just bought a Surface 3 tablet so I can do some writing and editing when I am on the bus to work and during my lunch. I think knowing that I can squirrel away some time to write while at my day job will make working more bearable.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and I look forward to sharing my next book with you! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Now available for preorder: Lost, Dragon's Egg 3! 

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, August 19th
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Matt Samuels grew up with an abusive father, which landed him in the clutches of foster care. With the love and strength of his mate, Matt grew beyond the nightmares of his past and accepted the unconventional parts of himself. His Master and mate, Ingor Nordburg, gives him almost everything he wants and needs. Everything but a child. After two failed attempts, it is a tough battle to persuade Ingor to try again, however, the clan has changed and a successful dragon egg has hatched from a human mate.
Only nothing ever goes as planned. When Matt is injured and his memories lost, it leaves him wide open for his past and the hunter's to come after him. The one thing Matt knows for sure is that he will do anything to protect his mate. Will Matt and Ingor survive the battle ahead and come out in one piece?
Lost (MM)



Matt woke slowly, the morning sun barely peeking past the thick curtains of their room. This was it, finally. It had been two years since the last time they tried for a child, and now that Sebastian had successfully delivered his egg, Matt’s Master, Ingor, felt comfortable with them trying again.
Sebastian, their dragon lord’s new mate, had suffered as grievously as Matt had, and watching the happy couple made Matt equally happy and sad. He wanted what they had. He wanted a child. Since the moment Master had explained about dragons and that he could carry their egg he had wanted it. That was five years and two failed attempts ago.
He pulled gently at his chains to see if he was still put to bed, which he was. Both his arms and legs were secured to the bed by soft leather cuffs. The cuffs attached to a moderate amount of chain, allowing him to move around at night but not get up from the bed. That meant Master was in bed with him! Because Ingor was so hot when he slept, Matt tended to turn away from him in the night to cool off.
Turning his head slowly he took in Master’s sleeping form. Master always wore his hair, as well as his beard, closely shaven. It was as if all the hair on his head needed to be the exact same length. And oh how Matt loved that prickly beard when Master ran his face up and down the inside of Matt’s thighs. His eyes were still closed, and his lips smashed into a fish face, though Matt would never tell him that.
Matt knew better than to wake Master, but that never stopped him from wanting to. He practically vibrated with excitement. Late the night before Master had sat Matt down and explained that he was ready and that it would happen today.
He pulled at the chains, feeling the leather cuffs tighten around his wrist. They were padded to the point that he doubted he would feel a bite of pain no matter how hard he pulled. Right now he needed that. He needed the focus it provided. He was a masochist and not ashamed about it. Master had worked hard at controlling that side of him or turning it from destructive to something positive. Well, as positive as it could be. After the life he lived at the hands of his father and then the foster system, he couldn’t be blamed for wanting to feel a bite of pain. He hadn’t slipped since meeting Master, no matter how much losing his last two eggs had hurt him. He hadn’t slipped and hurt himself on purpose.
“You’re thinking too hard.”
Matt watched Master’s eyes open slightly and a small smirk spread across his face.
“Must be hungry. Time for you to make breakfast, my darling.”
What? Matt wanted to protest, wanted to scream. He wanted his egg right now. However, he trusted Master knew what he was doing. “Yes, Master. Breakfast sounds wonderful.”
“Brilliant, my darling.” Master leaned over and unhooked Matt’s hands before kissing his forehead, tender and sweet. “You can unhook your legs. Oh, prepare the bathroom for me before making breakfast.”
Matt bent at the waist and unfastened his ankles from the bed, leaving the cuffs on. Now free, he stretched for only a second before moving to the bathroom. He loved this, the way Master took him in hand and laid out what to do. In the beginning he had needed it, had needed the control to keep from cracking under the immense pressure he had felt. Now, he simply really enjoyed it. Master seemed to know when he needed the strict protocol and when he could be let loose. Today he would bet anything that Master would keep him in high protocol all day.
He set to his first task, setting up the bathroom. He turned on the light and flipped the switch to turn the heated floors on. Gavin had spared no expense when building the clan mansion, and Matt loved the warm floors in the middle of winter. Once that was done, he set out a warm washcloth and towel. He made sure the electric razor was charged and set on top of the washcloth. A quick glance in the shower to make sure there was still shampoo in the bottle and a decent sized bar of soap and he was done. It was a simple task, but the pleasure of caring for Master warmed him.
He made his way back into the bedroom before kneeling on Master’s side of the bed.
“If it pleases you, may I wear shorts while I cook?” Cooking for Master was a new thing they had added to their routine ever since Sebastian had started teaching him to cook. He didn’t do it every day, only on rare occasions Master asked him too. The best part about it was that he was free to cook whatever he felt like, to show off the skills Sebastian had recently been teaching him.
“Agreed. The blue ones I just got you.”
Matt quickly pulled them from his drawer and slid them on. They were short but revealed nothing. Master had said they made him think of Matt’s eyes and couldn’t resist buying them. Matt smiled at the thought as he made his way to the kitchen.


A soft kiss landed on Matt’s skin each time Master bound him to one of the attached restraints. His early bindings had been removed to make way for the new ones. Soon Matt was breathing easy, his mind going to a familiar place of comfort as endorphins buzzed beneath his skin. He knew Master would take care of him. He just needed to relax and give himself to Master’s will. As if to reassure himself, he pulled against the restraints, testing their hold on him as cold air brushed against his exposed pucker.
He lost himself in pleasure as a slick, thick finger pushed into him swiftly. He jumped as much as was allowed at the initial burn, stars flashing behind his eyes and his toes curling. The pinch of pain left in a flash, giving way to toe-curling pleasure. Soon Master had three fingers pushing roughly into him, grazing his prostrate and stretching him wider on every stroke. Fireworks burst behind his eyes, and he was so hard from being bound all day that he barely held his orgasm back.
Matt babbled incoherently, so mindless with pleasure he almost missed it when Master left from behind him. His pulsing hole begged for something to stimulate it further, something to pleasure it more. Soon a hard glass plug was pushed in, filling him to his limit. It was one they rarely used, one meant to open him to his limits and loosen his protesting muscles.
Matt couldn’t think past the pleasure, his breathing evened and his mind calmed. He relaxed at his Master’s touch. All felt right with the world.

* * * *

Ingor knew the moment Matt entered his subspace. His breath evened and a small pool of droll collected where his face met the bench. Ingor had one more trick up his sleeve to push his mate further before implanting him. He knew the egg would be large, about the size of an orange, and he wanted this experience to be as pleasurable as possible.
From a small dresser on the side of the room he pulled a special candle. The wax burned at a lower temperature than regular candles, guaranteeing he wouldn’t hurt his mate but would provide flashes of painful pleasure. When they were finished the wax would peel off leaving a lovely smattering of dots as a reminder. He lit it before walking back to his mate. The green wax would look lovely against Matt’s pale skin. Ingor couldn’t deny he chose the color because it matched his dragon form. He liked thinking of the little drops as green scales, as if they were he and Matt same. Although he was perfectly happy with Matt as he was, it was a nice thought.
“Time for your favorite, my darling,” Ingor said as he let the first drop fall.
As the drop splatted just above Matt’s crack, his back bowed, and he let out the most beautiful sound. Ingor made a slow line up Matt’s spine, glorying in each moan his mate granted him, each wiggle and tease as Matt tried to run from the flashes of burning-hot wax. Soon Matt’s back was covered in swirls and designs going from his neck down to the curve of his butt and back. Ingor could tell his mate was close to coming just from this, something they had done several times before.
Now felt like the perfect time. His mate was on edge, just as much as Ingor was. He opened his belt and allowed the cargo pants to fall open only enough to free his cock. Matt would love the scratch of the zipper’s tines against his behind. His cock ached and pulsed with need. Gently he pulled the glass plug from Matt. His mate moaned and begged the entire time.
Ingor pushed in swiftly to the hilt, rough and needy. Warmth squeezed him in a vise, and tingles shot to his toes. He pushed in three times before he felt his first climax coming, felt the egg pushing forward and his knot latching on.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Coming Soon...

Ingor Nordburg would battle anyone and anything for his mate, but how can he do that when the threat is in his mate’s mind?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I thought I would stop in and wish everyone a fantastic Fourth of July! It will be interesting at my house because my poor 70lb Lab is TERRIFIED of fireworks! She shakes and needs lots of cuddles to survive the night.

I have some ideas working for Book 4 – I am thinking a bunny (introduced in book 2) and a dragon would be fun. We’ll see where it goes… 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hello everyone! I wanted to stop in and say Second Chances, Dragon's Egg 2 is now available on Amazon and book 3 should be out in September sometime!

Link here

I hope everyone enjoys it!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hi guys! Just wanted to stop in and make a quick announcement. Siren accepted book 3! I am working on the cover stuff now and the book is in queue for edits. I can’t wait for this one to come out! I am working edits on a different series that has 3 of 4 books already written, so the end of this year should have some good stuff coming out!

I am sorry for being a little silent lately; I enrolled in a few too many summer classes and have been cramming for finals. Going back to school as an adult is rough and I have respect for everyone out there working towards their dreams!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hi guys! I am really excited to tell you that Lost, Dragon’s Egg 3 has been emailed to the publishers for submission. I am confident they will take it, but I have my fingers crossed anyways! I finished the big edit this weekend and feel really good about the overall story. I have brain stormed a few ideas for my next installment for the series, though I have not written a word yet.

I have been working on a side project I am calling Reverse Play. It’s about a nerdy accountant who is reunited with his high school crush after five years. It’s filled with angst and drama, but that sometimes makes a great story!

I hope everyone is enjoying book 2, Second Chances. You can purchase it here:

It is not on Amazon yet, the publisher retains right to sell it only on their website for the first few weeks. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello all! This will be short because I stabbed my finer cleaning the blender and can’t type well with my pointer finger all bandaged! Book two is a success! People seem to enjoy a bit more of Gavin and Sebastian. I took this into consideration for Matt and Ingor and added more of the story after their climax finished. I am working on my first read through of that one to get the big edit done!

Also, I started a new story which I am calling Reverse Play. Nothing paranormal – just two good old boys in love. Gabriel is an accountant who is confronted with his high school love, Ryan. The two have a shared past and it will be a battle for Gabriel to forgive what happened and learn to trust in someone again. It’s going to be a short one and is serving as a refresher for me while I formulate the next Dragon’s Egg.

Dragon’s Egg 4 will be featuring Kenan – the bunny shifter introduced in book 2 and an outside Dragon. I know some people have wanted Ben and Samson’s story – and honestly they might not get one. I kind of like writing in bits and pieces of them throughout. If I were to do them now I would need to backtrack the overall story line or write about an established couple (like I am doing for Matt and Ingor). 

Friday, May 15, 2015

You can now pre-order Second Chances, Dragon's Egg 2!!

Second Chances (MM)

Dragon's Egg 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 26,547
AVAILABLE: Wednesday, May 27th
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, bondage, sex toys, HEA]
When Gavin Thorvald, local dragon lord, met his mate, Sebastian Michael, he thought everything would finally be right with the world. It had taken six hundred years, but he had finally met the one man made just for him. After Sebastian’s own brother held him away from Gavin long enough to make Sebastian lose their first egg, Gavin thought his mate would never be ready for another. Now, on the night of their wedding ceremony, Gavin was about to get a second chance.
The plans have been made, the grounds have been decorated, and the guests have been invited. Sebastian is prepared, so he thinks, to tie the knot and accept a new egg. He knows Gavin is ready and deep down he feels he is, too. Fate wouldn’t give them a second chance if they weren’t both ready. Unfortunately, no matter how prepared you are things can always go wrong.
Sebastian’s secrets will be told and Gavin will have to fight harder than he thought to keep everything together.
A Siren Erotic Romance



“Have you told Gavin yet?”
Sebastian sat back in his seat and picked nervously at the frayed edge of his black shirt. It was one of his favorites, soft and well worn. “No,” he finally answered.
“I think it’s time. It’s been six months, and you’re making great progress. We really should get him in here with you.”
“No.” Sebastian was adamant about that from the beginning. He wouldn’t worry his mate with this. His mate hurt enough from the things that had happened to him, to them.
“Sebastian, I’m not comfortable continuing this if you won’t tell him.”
“You can’t make me, and you can’t tell him. Doctor patient confidentiality and all that.”
“That’s true, but I can refer you elsewhere.”
That made Sebastian sit up. Where else would he go? No one else would be able to understand, just trying to keep the lies straight would drive him nuts if he had to find a human doctor. He would only be able to give half-truths and that would not help anyone. Sebastian wished Dr. Paul was clan, he could force him to help, but the lion was not under his rule. Not that he really ruled, but as the mate of the dragon lord he had some sway.
“Where would you send me? Who else could help with this?” Sebastian had scooted to the edge of his seat unknowingly, his hands shook at the thought of being sent away. “No, you can’t send me away.”
“I can and I will. You need to tell him.”
Dr. Paul sat forward, putting on what Sebastian liked to think of as his stern face. “This will be our last meeting if you don’t tell him. You have made such wonderful progress, but you need your mate. That’s how this works, he supports you, and he’s your rock. Not me, not therapy. Gavin.”
Sebastian shook his head at the thought. What would his strong mate think of him once he found out? Sebastian had struggled with who he was before and how to be himself again. Gavin had done everything he could, but it wasn’t enough. Sebastian needed more help than his mate was capable of, not for lack of trying though. While Gavin kept him safe and made him strong physically, Sebastian needed someone to shore him up mentally. It was not his mate’s fault. Sebastian sustained a trauma that was beyond measure. Would Gavin think he had failed Sebastian? Sebastian vowed to never let Gavin think that. Stopping this was better than telling Gavin.
“Ok, fine. It was nice talking with you and I appreciate the help.” Sebastian stood quickly, pulling his shirt down and smoothing invisible wrinkles before walking from the office. He could do this.
He had just turned toward the exit when the office door opened again and Dr. Paul stepped out. “Sebastian, please reconsider. Tell him. Trust me.”
“Thanks Dr. Paul. I’ll think on it.” Sebastian gave his best smile, though it did not touch his eyes, and made his way out of the downtown building. He had parked three floors below the fifth street tower, thankfully the elevator whisked him straight there.
As he pulled his keys form his pocket he remembered the day Gavin had given him the car. It was nothing overly extravagant, to Gavin at least. To Sebastian it was too much, but he understood. His mate wanted him safe and the old Ducati was far from the definition of safe. It was one of the many changes Gavin had made. Sebastian simply accepted it because he understood his mate’s intentions were in the right place.
Sebastian had just driven home from Woodbury, tired and cold from the sudden wind that swept through the cities, to find the shiny black BMW M5 sitting in the front with a big purple bow on top. Sebastian slid into the seat for the first time, the supple leather caressing him as the engine purred to life, and fell in love.
He turned the corner of the underground parking garage and pressed the button unlocking the car. He had made a small protest, but honestly he loved the damn thing. That didn’t stop him from barring Gavin from buying him anything else. He hated that it was no big deal for his mate to run out and buy a car. He would have struggled to buy a ten year old used BMW and now he had a new one simply because Gavin decided it so.
The drive back to the mansion was quick and filled with very loud Opeth though the extra nice speakers. Did he mention that Gavin spared no expense on the extras? Upgraded sound, lighting, and controls.
He focused back on his driving, looking around to see where how much longer he had. The leaves were just beginning to turn, the warm days starting to turn cold. October always felt like a wonderful time of year in Minnesota. He enjoyed the drive, pulling off the freeway on impulse as he passed the last strip mall before the mansion.
They had finally planned their wedding. Set to take place in just a few short days, the idea of being married both thrilled and frightened him. He knew Gavin was more than ready for an egg, Sebastian finally felt ready as well. He had lost himself for so long, but with help he felt like he had a tight grip on things. Though Dr. Paul had certainly thrown a wrench in that, he would be fine. He would work to be fine. He had the tools thanks to Dr. Paul and he had Gavin.


Gavin reached to the side drawer, looking for what he always kept there. He wanted to tie his mate, it had been so long since they had done that and tonight he wanted it. He pulled out a bottle of lube, a well-used and almost empty bottle, and set it next to his mate’s hip. When he moved to get up Sebastian reached up and pulled at Gavin’s hair to keep him close.
“Don’t go.”
Gavin growled, nipping at his mate’s neck. He loved that his mate needed him. “I want to bind you.”
When Sebastian nodded at him he let out a silent thank you. Gavin walked across the room and pulled a length of silk rope from the bottom drawer. As he turned back to the bed he saw Sebastian turning to his back, his arms above his head. Oh, yes. His mat wanted this just as much.
He walked along the side of the bed, remembering all the times before he had tied Sebastian down, all the times his mate had begging him for more, begged him to be rougher. He tossed the rope over his mate’s abdomen, letting the small thud startle him.
He walked around to the other side of the bed slowly, drawing the anticipation out. His cock stood to attention, weeping against his abdomen as it pointed towards the ceiling. Every time he thought of being with his mate he was shocked by how much he wanted it, how the want never dwindled.
He kneeled on the bed, dragging the rope over his mate to him. He watched his mate draw in a deep breath at the contact, his eyes rolled back as he let out a little shiver. Once all the rope was on his side of the bed he gripped his mate’s wrist just hard enough and pulled it to the headboard. He wrapped the ropes around and around, eventually looping in Sebastian’s other hand. Soon his mate lay tied so completely he could be considered a permanent part of the décor. There would be no escape.
“Legs too.” That was all the warning his mate would get. He made three loops around Sebastian’s knee before pushing it towards Sebastian’s chest. Once satisfied he wrapped the rope around the headboard and moved to the other knee. Soon his mate lay with his arms bound to the head board, his knees up by his shoulders and bound to the head board as well. Sebastian lay open and helpless.
This position should apply little pressure to the egg, always a concern of Gavin’s. They had stopped having sex with Sebastian on his stomach because Gavin refused to push his weight over Sebastian’s middle.
Rather than racing to the finish, Gavin drew it out. He positioned himself back at his mate’s opening and teased for what felt like hours. He licked and bit along his mate’s crease. By the time he pulled back Sebastian was a drooling mess. His mate had thrashed and pulled against his restraints, but had barely moved a millimeter.
The lube rolled along the bed landing at Gavin’s knee, an omen to move forward. He slicked his fingers, circled his mate’s hole, and pushed in completely. Sebastian screamed out as Gavin nailed his prostrate repeatedly. He had memorized exactly where to find the magical spot. Over the last few months he had become a master at it.
Gavin could see Sebastian pulling, trying to reach for him. He chuckled and thrust in a second finger as Sebastian pouted at his inability to touch Gavin. A few wiggles and thrusts, then he stuck in a third. Gavin could feel the egg, its hard shell resting deep within Sebastian. By the time Sebastian was ready to deliver it, the shell would be soft and better able to pass back out. They would need to be more careful towards the end.
Now though, now he could take his mate as he wanted him. Gavin pulled free, slicked his cock, wiped his slick fingers on the sheets, and thrust into his mate. It took only a second, but he finally felt at home.
He met Sebastian’s eyes, his mate pleading for a kiss with a look so drowned in want it nearly broke Gavin’s heart. He leaned in and kissed his mate before straightening back up.
I love you. No matter what happens, you will always be mine.
I love you, too, Gavin.
Holding his mate’s ankles he began to thrust in earnest. Wet, tight heat surrounded him, sucked him in and attempted to hold him captive. He had to curl his toes into the sheet for traction as Sebastian inched towards the headboard with his thrusts.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello all! I am just popping in for a quick note to let you know I turned in edits for Second Chances, Dragon’s Egg 2 just now! I added an entire chapter to flesh out the romance and I am holding my breath waiting for a release date! I am off to bed now! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

OMG! Fantastic news and I am so happy to share it! The cover came out for book two: Second Chances, Dragon's Egg 2. This is a shorter story about your favorites: Sebastian and Gavin. I loved reading everyone's reviews of the first book and I heard many requests for just a little more. I listened and I provided. It was also a nice break while I was stuck in writer's block on book 3 - Matt and Ingor's story - which is about two chapters away from being finished.

So, here is the cover:

The book is anticipated to be out in June.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The flowers are blooming, the sun is starting to thaw out our frozen turkey butts, and it’s time for new life to begin. As such, 25 of Sirens hottest MM authors have banded together to bring you something new...

Gypsy's Wolf
One Story, 25 Authors, Infinite Possibilities

Each day a new chapter in our story will be added. At the end of our book, not only will we have a major announcement, but a winner will be chosen for our grand prize...a Kindle Fire HD. So, come back every day to read the new chapter in this amazing book and leave a comment and your email for your chance to win our grand prize. The contest runs from April 2nd to April 28th.
Rules of the Contest:
You may enter once per day, but only once per day. Each day the contest runs from 12:01am (PST) to 11:59pm (PST). Once that day has ended, no further entries may be added for that day. You must wait for the next day to enter again.
To enter every day, you MUST comment every day, on that given day. Any entries added after the 11:59pm (PST) cutoff time will not be entered.
You MUST leave your email address in your comment or we will have no way to contact you if you win. Any comments left without an email will not be considered.
Please leave your comment on the author's page to be counted each day.
Winner will be chosen on April 29th and announced on the blog.

Be sure to come back April 30th for our major announcement!

Hello! Oh man, Taken is up to 101 reviews! That is so fantastic and encouraging. I have signed the contract on Dragon’s Egg 2 (because Siren only does whole numbers) and am working through the cover stuff and the editing stuff. Things are moving along nicely. Dragon’s Egg 3 is under some major revisions because I took the last 1/4 in the wrong direction and I didn't even want to read it to edit it so that told me something was missing. I have done a little thinking and am digging back into writing with a whole new plan for the ending! I feel so bad for Matt though. This has been a tough one to write.

Also, The Spring Manlove contest is going to start soon so take a look! 

This project resulted in a story written by all of the Manlove authors! Seriously, check the link!  A HUGE thanks to Stormy Glenn who is not only a fantastic author but also organized the entire thing! I am truly honored to be a part of this wonderful group!

Lastly here is the link to Taken, Dragon's Egg 1 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Writers Block and Bad Words

Today has been one of those days where I realize the last two chapters make no sense with the first 2/3 of the story and need to be redone. It’s OK though, just hit delete and start over! I've kind of written myself into a tight space between a rock and a hard place. The worst part is this is coming off of a week of writers block! Oh well. I don’t mean to sound whiny, really I’m not. I am very happy I went back and reread before writing more. Time to stay up late and play catch up!

Also, still waiting to hear back on Dragon’s 1.5, however, it’s only been a week.

I have a new idea for a totally unrelated book once I finish the current project. I am pretty excited about the idea I’m spinning and have gone so far as to start writing it down and mapping out the characters. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Hi guys, a small update here. The manuscript has been send and hopefully I will hear back in a few weeks if they want to publish it! I really hope they will, I think my readers will appreciate a little more of Gavin and Sebastian while I work on the next book. Based on my word count goals, book 2 is 90% done. So I just need to get a few nights of writing in around work and school and we will be good! I’m really motivated now, this is my favorite part of the process. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dragon's Egg 1.5

Hello everyone! I am really excited! Taken was my first publishing endeavor and I think it has been successful. I surpassed the number of books I thought I would sell, and amazingly, the number of reviews I thought I would get. On Goodreads I have 92 ratings and that just blows my mind. I read the reviews, both good and bad, and I have immensely appreciated each of them.

The thing I heard the most was the people wanted a little more of Gavin and Sebastian, so I wrote a short follow-up. It flowed so fast and I can’t say how many nights I stayed up working on it because I just had to get it out. Today I am going to do my first read through and correct any big errors. Then I plan to print it and do the “big edit”, which for some reasons works out better on paper.

It was difficult writing this one, I wanted to write so much more. The other difficult thing, which it both good and bad, was writing in some new characters. Now I find I want to write their stories. But, after Matt’s book I am thinking about putting this bit on hold to finish my other series (3.5 or 4 books already done).

Matt and Ingor’s book is at 40k words, so about 10 more to go and then I can start the editing there. It’s all coming along so well and I am just so amazed by it all. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Good news everybody! I just wanted to take a break and check in for a quick moment to say Dragon’s Egg 1.5 is done. I have written the last word. Now it’s time to ignore it for a few days and start editing! In the meantime I am working on Dragon’s Egg 2. Matt and Ingor are well on their way to a complete story, it is about half way done. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello everyone! Book 2 is coming along well! However, I have been waylaid by a small Dragon’s Egg 1.5 follow up for Gavin and Sebastian. I really feel they need some more happy before I let them go completely. I have about 5k words and I am hoping to get to 20k, so a short but sweet story. I am really excited! So please, don’t be too mad at me for taking longer to get the next one out.

One the bright side, I have 3.5 books of a different 4 book series written. I want to finish the last, close the series, and then submit for publishing. So by the end of summer I expect to have those moving as well. Shifters, vampires, elves and more! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who read my book and especially those who rated it or wrote a review! I have enjoyed all the comments and appreciate the constructive criticism.

With that said, I am hard at work on Book 2! This one will be Matt and Ingor’s story. I know they are an established couple from book 1, but I think you will like where I go with it. I have been suffering a terminal case of writers block over the last few weeks, but I am back into writing mode. I am about 15k words in, hoping to reach 45k.

School starts Monday. For those who are curious, I work full time and attend college full time. It’s a busy schedule, and I tend to spend my entire weekend writing. Please bear with me as I get into a new routine for this semester. I started taking the bus to work last semester, I discovered that gave me 30-40 minutes of proofreading and editing time. It also saves me money because parking downtown is rather expensive. I am really excited! I have set a word goal to write each week to keep myself on track.

I am taking part in the MM Winter Fantasies contest as well where you can win a kindle loaded up with books from your favorite Siren authors, including Taken.

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