Saturday, December 12, 2015

Today has been a great day! A few reviews are in for Asher’s Mates and I think people like it! Here is the series list:

Asher’s Mates, Mircea Clan 1 – Out now!

Trusting Rio, Mircea Clan 2 – In edits at Siren and set to print in February 2016

Bringing Carmen Back, Mircea Clan 3 – Working on final read through and will submit to Siren before the end of the  year.

Ned’s Gift, Mircea Clan 4 has about 20k words written and I am chugging away on it! This will be the final book of the series and will close out the overall story line.

I have loved writing this series. Many readers loved my Dragon’s Egg series (I have a few more to write there), but Asher’s Mates was the first book I ever wrote and holds a special place in my heart. I am really excited to see my readers enjoying it and I look forward to reviews (good and constructive).

Anyways, back to writing about Ned, Ant and their third (no spoilers!)


  1. I'm so excited!! When will it be available on amazon?

    1. Thanks Ladie J! Siren sells the book on their website for the first 4-6 weeks and then puts it on Amazon and other 3rd party retailers. I never get the exact date when it will be available.. it's usually as much a surprise to me as it is you! :-) But when I know, I will post something for sure.