Friday, February 27, 2015

Good news everybody! I just wanted to take a break and check in for a quick moment to say Dragon’s Egg 1.5 is done. I have written the last word. Now it’s time to ignore it for a few days and start editing! In the meantime I am working on Dragon’s Egg 2. Matt and Ingor are well on their way to a complete story, it is about half way done. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello everyone! Book 2 is coming along well! However, I have been waylaid by a small Dragon’s Egg 1.5 follow up for Gavin and Sebastian. I really feel they need some more happy before I let them go completely. I have about 5k words and I am hoping to get to 20k, so a short but sweet story. I am really excited! So please, don’t be too mad at me for taking longer to get the next one out.

One the bright side, I have 3.5 books of a different 4 book series written. I want to finish the last, close the series, and then submit for publishing. So by the end of summer I expect to have those moving as well. Shifters, vampires, elves and more!