Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bringing Carmen Back, Mircea Clan 3

Hello!! Sorry it has been a while.. school finals, sick family, and a trip back home stretched me a little thin. However, there is good news (if you haven't seen it on Facebook/Twitter yet)!

Bringing Carmen Back, Mircea Clan 3 was accepted by Siren and is scheduled for publication in June. I have received the fantastic cover and here it is:

Elder Zuriel Compton has watched over his group of shifters since the beginning of the Paranormal Leadership Society while hiding his true nature. He is a mythological shifter thought to be nothing more than a story. He has hunted for his mate longer than he can remember only to find that his mate, Carmen Mircea, has been kidnapped before they could meet. Now the search is on and he will stop at nothing to get the Jaguar shifter back.

Carmen Mircea, adopted son of Ian Mircea, had been hurt in the past, but nothing could prepare him for his newest trial. Kidnapped and drugged, he no longer remembers who he is. With his identity and past lost to him, he seeks to survive each new day with no hope of it ever ending until one day it does. It takes time for him to trust, but with the help of his mate he will learn to live again. 

There will be one final book in this series, but it needs a pretty substantial re-write because I wrote a "no no" into it and need to rework the plot. Love you all - I am going to work on that re-write now. <3

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