Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thank you

I wanted to give a special thanks to everyone who is a friend on Facebook, a follower on Twitter, a reader of my lacking blog, or simply read and reviewed my books on Goodreads. I had no idea what type of welcome I would find when Siren accepted my first book, but the people I have been introduced to through this process has been amazing. The simple words of encouragement or constructive criticism have all been appreciated, read, and thought upon. I know I do not publish as often as other authors do and I appreciate those who still follow me. This is truly an act of love for me that I do between full time work as a Financial Crimes Analyst and full time school for Accounting. I also volunteer doing income taxes for low income families during tax season. My time is stretched thin and writing is what I do for myself when I need to be centered. I am not saying that as an excuse, but just so you can know me a little better. I also suffer OCD and sometimes it is impossible for me to write because my compulsions/obsessions get in the way. I am not ashamed of my condition, it is simply who I am.

Anyways… I am rambling. Bringing Carmen Back [Mircea Clan 3] is in editing right now and projected to be published in June. When I have an official date, I will announce a giveaway for 3 random followers. Look forward to more details once we are closer to the publish date! If you want a chance to enter – please follow me on Facebook or twitter. I promise I don’t over post


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